Strengths-based Leadership

Unlock and develop potential for more energy, authenticity and to achieve peak performance.

Strengths-based Leadership Coaching and Programs.

Identifying your talents and leadership strengths and leveraging these for personal and professional success.



Strengths-based Leadership Coaching and Development Programmes empowers you to become the best possible version of yourself by focusing on your strengths. The modern strengths-based approach to managing people has been around for nearly 20 years. The central premise is that focusing on strengths is a more powerful way of accelerating learning and performance in organizations because it unlocks people’s talents, passion and energy, helping them to achieve excellence in areas more aligned with their natural strengths and personality. This approach doesn’t ignore weaker areas and other performance risks (including overdone strengths and psychological barriers). It helps you to become more effective by being more authentic.

“Leaders who use their strengths effectively and develop high performance leadership behaviours are rated as more effective.” (Strengthscope)

“The chance of someone being actively disengaged when leaders/managers play their strengths is 1 in 100.” (Gallup)

Strengthscope® provides a comprehensive insight into all of these elements and is currently the only strengths assessment system with a 360 feature and it is the only strengths assessment that has been certified by the British Psychology Society. Strengthscope® supports the release of positive energies, talents and strengths@work.

Research shows increasingly that using our strengths at work is more likely to lead to increased performance, positive energy, confidence and engagement. Strengths-based leadership coaching and programmes can be of great added value to positive professional development when conducted in the right context and with the right methodology such as StrengthscopeLeader. I am an accredited Strengths Coach and authorised to deliver Strengthscope®Assessments and Strengths-based Coaching & Consulting to individuals and leaders.

      • Developing self-awareness, confidence and resilience
      • Career development
      • Organizational development and improving agility
      • Building peak performing teams
      • Management and leadership development
      • Improving engagement, resilience and wellbeing
      • Building an inclusive and positive culture

I use a strengths-based approach and Strengthscope Assessments for  identification and development of leaders’ strengths and effective leadership behaviours. The programme consists of an online assessment (StrengthscopeLeader for managers and executives), individual coachingsessions and additional online resources.

StrengthscopeLeader™ provides leaders with a powerful self-awareness and development focus to promote strengths optimization, performance enhancement, and delivering excellent outcomes. StrengthscopeLeader™ profiler includes:

  • Analysis of the leader’s unique strengths and how these can be developed and sharpened to improve their effectiveness
  • Analysis of the leader’s performance risks (including weaker areas and strengths in overdrive)
  • The impact of performance risks on work performance and how these can be managed or minimized.
  • Analysis of their effectiveness across critical leadership behavior/ habit areas that are essential to leadership effectiveness
  • Analysis of their impact on key outcomes and identified drivers.
  • Feedback from up to 18 raters on the individuals effectiveness in applying their strengths and leadership habits, managing weaker areas and delivering key outcomes for the organisation.

This unique leadership profiler is designed to help you improve your effectiveness through a better understanding of your leadership strengths, risks /weaker areas, leadership behaviours and the impact of your behaviour on important organisational outcomes.

A powerful and positive 360º leadership profiler provides leaders with analysis of:

  • Unique strengths and how these can be optimised
  • Performance risks and the impact these have on work performance
  • Effectiveness across critical behaviours / habits essential to leadership effectiveness
  • Impact on key outcomes and performance drivers

StrengthscopeLeader™ analyses four leadership habits:

  • Sharing Vision
  • Sparking Engagement
  • Skilful Executing
  • Sustaining Progress

By building on strengths and optimising leadership habits, leaders deliver the following four critical outcomes and success drivers:

  • Purpose – clearly understood, compelling direction and goals
  • Passion – a positive, highly motivated work environment
  • Process – well communicated and straightforward policies and processes to guide behaviours
  • Performance – reliable delivery of planned business results

Please contact me if you want to know more about the Strengths-based services such as the StrengthscopeLeader Program.

Kitty Schaap MA, MSc

I am passionate about talent and leadership development, helping people to achieve their potential. My consulting and coaching work is anchored in positive psychology and adopts a strengths-based approach. I hold a Master’s degree in Cultural Sciences and MSc in Management with specialisation Strategic Human Resource Management and I am a certified Strengths coach (Strengthscope). Besides a strong theoretical background I have had a varied career in HR and gained broad HRM, leadership development and coaching experience in international fast-paced environments.

My top 7 strengths (Strengthscope) are; Collaboration, Common sense, Empathy, Critical thinking, Result Focus, Self-improvement, Developing others.

Strengthscope® is one of very few assessments to have achieved registered test status with the British Psychological Society, which represents the global gold standard for psychometric design. It is the only strengths assessment available globally to have achieved this standard and is a unique set of strengths-based assessment tests. The only  strengths-based assessment system with multi-rater profilers enabling co-workers and stakeholders to provide feedback. And it offers the most comprehensive method of strengths assessments and strengths profiling on the market today. Strengthscope identifies what is unique about each individual. Each person is different, with a unique range of underlying strengths. The Strengthscope® System recognizes this and, unlike other assessment systems, doesn’t oversimplify human nature by putting people into narrow personality boxes. Unlock and develop potential for more energy, authenticity and to achieve peak performance. More about Strengthscope


Research and experience shows that in order to be effective, leaders need to understand how they can bring the best of themselves to their role to inspire and motivate others to perform at their peak.

The best leaders don’t only optimise their strengths and skills to build their unique ‘leadership edge’, they also work hard to overcome risk areas and develop leadership behaviours/habits in 4 key areas that ensure their effectiveness.

The StrengthscopeLeaderTM profile provides feedback on leaders’:

  • Unique strengths
  • Potential performance risk areas
  • Effectiveness across critical behaviours
  • Stakeholders’ level of confidence in their leader’s ability to deliver key organizational outcomes
Sample report StrengthscopeLeader

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