CoAchieve’s leadership coaching program focuses on helping leaders and managers lead from their strengths to become more authentic and effective leaders. The program, led by Kitty Schaap, a seasoned leadershipcoach with extensive business experience, aims to unlock leadership potential, enhance leadership skills, and contribute to team strength, work happiness, employee engagement, and high performance. Participants receive a personalized StrengthscopeLeader™ profile, which includes an assessment, feedback from stakeholders, access to the online academy Leadership & Talent, and personal coaching. By leveraging strengths, values, skills, aspirations, vision, and leadership behaviors, participants can strengthen their leadership,  improve performance, increase engagement, and achieve better results.

This program is designed to empower driven professionals like you to become stronger leaders/managers by unlocking your potential, leveraging your strengths, and addressing areas for improvement. Our coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific context, goals, development needs and aspirations.

Maximize your performance and achieve greater impact, improve engagement and deliver better results.

This program includes coaching, an online academy with many resources, tools and assignments so that you can immediately test the acquired knowledge in practice. It also aligns with the need for feedback for effective leadership development from different perspectives, such as colleagues, team members, and executives.

You will start with the unique, validated Strengthscope Leader assessment. This is aimed at identifying your unique strengths, performance risks, potential, leadership skills and leadership behavior. It helps leaders become more self-aware and understand how their leadership is perceived by others.

As a leader it is important to invest in your own development, to strengthen your leadership qualities and have a positive impact on your team and organization.  Get your personal StrengthscopeLeader™ profile. With access to the assessment, feedback from your stakeholders, the online academy Leadership & Talent and personal coaching, you’ll gain clarity on your strengths, values, skills, aspirations, vision, leadership behaviors, and leadership outcomes. This serves as a great starting point for your leadership journey.

Leaders who focus on their strengths are more confident, authentic, positive and resilient.

Strengthsbased leadership helps to boost employee engagement and in turn employee task performance. Focusing on employee strengths is not something that may come natural to leaders, because managers may be focused on preventing performance problems, and may therefore focus on remediating employee deficits (van Woerkom, Oerlemans, & Bakker, 2016). Organizations should therefore invest in developing strengths-based leaders by offering training and coaching and by implementing strengths-based HR practices related to recruitment, performance appraisal, and development that provide guidance to their leaders (van Woerkom & Meyers, 2015)´.

Leaders who focus on their strengths are more confident, authentic, positive and resilient. Here are some reasons why strengths-based leadership coaching can be a positive game-changer:

🟣 Enhanced Self-Awareness:
By identifying and harnessing their unique strengths, leaders gain a deeper understanding of themselves. This self-awareness allows them to leverage their strengths more effectively while acknowledging areas for growth.

🟣 Self Confidence:
Emphasizing strengths boosts leaders’ confidence in their abilities. When you have a clear sense of what you excel at, you’re more likely to take risks (positive stretch) and lead with impact.

🟣 Improved & Positive Team Dynamics:
Strengths-based leadership encourages leaders to build diverse teams by recognizing and appreciating individual strengths and collective strengths. Team members can complement one another’s strengths. This synergy can lead to enhanced innovation, problem-solving, and overall better cooperation and team performance.

🟣 Resilience and Adaptability:
Leaders who focus on their strengths are better equipped to navigate change and uncertainty. They can adapt to new challenges more quickly and help their teams do the same.

🟣 Employee Engagement:
When leaders recognize and appreciate their team members’ strengths, it fosters a culture of appreciation, growth and thriving. This, in turn, leads to higher commitment and employee engagement.

🟣 High Performance:
Leaders who invest in their strengths can optimize their performance in areas that matter most. This leads to improved decision-making and goal attainment.

💡 Leadership is about more than just a title, more than just hard skills and expertise, embracing strengths-based leadership coaching can help leaders reach their full potential while positively impacting their teams and organizations. By focusing more on strengths instead of weaknesses, leaders can tap into their own unique leadership style and drive better results for their team and organization.

Strengths-based leadership development is not a one-time fix but a sustainable and holistic approach to leadership development. It equips leaders with lifelong skills that continue to evolve with their career.

Leaders need a lot of self-insight and that is sometimes lacking in practice. Do you know what effect your behavior and leadership style have on others? What helps you and what hinders you from leading well? What your strengths and weaknesses are? Awareness of your leadership style and the effect of your behavior on employees is of great importance.

A common problem is that there is often is a big difference between how leaders perceive their own qualities and leadership style and how their employees experience and value this. Many leaders have an incomplete picture of themselves, often exaggerating or underestimating their strengths and having little knowledge of their pitfalls and other performance risks. Therefore, 360-degree strengths-based feedback is a valuable tool, as it provides insight into how others see the leader’s strengths and which qualities and behaviors they value and find most effective.

I take pride in coaching managers, teamleaders who exhibit a commendable openness to feedback from their stakeholders, leveraging it as a tool for continuous development and improvement. I use a strengths-based approach, complemented by a StrengthscopeLeader assessment, it is the only strengths report that captures not only how effective you think you are as a leader (self-assessment) but also how effective other people think you are as a leader (360degreesfeedback). The tangible benefits of this approach are evident in both the leaders and their teams.

Self-awareness is so important but numerous leaders harbor blind spots concerning their skills, values, strengths, weaknesses, potential and the impact of their behavior. Therefore, apart from introspection, embracing feedback from others is crucial for leaders, as they often lack insight into how their qualities and leadership style are perceived by their stakeholders. It takes courage to look at your own behavior and what you need to change to improve your leadership.

Engaging in a conversation where you openly acknowledge to your team that you are actively working on improving your leadership, even though you haven’t fully figured it out yet, is powerful and a display of strength. I am proud of the managers that have embarked on this leadership journey with me.

Do you know your greatest strengths? What about your weaknesses? Authentic leaders are able to analyze their life stories, goals, challenges, values, and passions. They use that knowledge to effect change in their organizations and in the world´. – George, B. (2007). True north: Discover your authentic leadership.

CoAchieve is based in The Hague, and offers both face-to-face sessions at a city location and practical online services. This allows clients to receive online assessments and strengths-based leadership coaching from anywhere.

Please feel free to reach out to me for any queries.

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