The Energizing Leader

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The Energizing leader: Releasing the Energy of Your People

Tips on how to be the best leader you can be


Authored by HR and Leadership development expert and co-founder of Strengths Partnership, James Brook, the guide outlines practical ways for leaders to optimise their own strengths to free up the energy, ideas and excellence of the workforce. 

“In today’s hyper-competitive, complex and fast-changing environment, leaders can’t be superheroes or all-rounders. Rather, they need to optimise their unique strengths and be workplace energisers, unlocking the energy, opinions and ideas of others to deliver excellent results and value to customers and stakeholders.

“Just like a winning Olympic sports team, high performing workplaces are dependent on the optimisation of people’s energy, skills and ideas. To cultivate a winning team, leaders must learn to be workplace energisers, as well as effective strategists and problem-solvers. This involves identifying and developing people’s strengths and skills, ensuring alignment with a company’s purpose.”

This e-book explores the Strengths-based (Strengthscope) model of leadership which has been designed to form the basis of leaders’ self-awareness, starting with the development of their ‘leadership edge’ : their purpose, values, strengths and abilities), and continuing through to skill development in four key areas: sharing vision, sparking engagement, skilfully executing and sustaining progress.

Gratis e-book voor managers en leiders in het Engels. Het leiderschapsmodel in dit e-book gebruik ik onder andere voor het leiderschapsprogramma Leiderschapskracht.