Career & Talent


What makes you truly unique?

Are you doing what you love to do?

Are you bringing your best to work and life, every single day?

Are you flourishing?

Unlock your potential, discover and develop your strengths.


How can you grow your talents into strengths? 


Having potential doesn’t guarantee great performance and/or that you are happy in your career. People who have the opportunity to do what they do best every day are happier and more successful.

By consciously deploying your talents, talents are developed into strengths; “talent in action”. I help professionals fulfil their potential, my approach draws upon positive psychology and strength based coaching. Strengthscope assessments and a variety of tools and exercises are used to develop self-awareness, insight and action.


Your Strengths Journey

With a strengths assessment and strengths-based coaching I can help you to embark on a postitive strengths journey to turn your talents into strengths. Your strengths can help you realise your aspirations. You can tap into what you are naturally good at and what energizes you. It also makes you more aware of your weaknesses and other obstacles, you can learn how to compensate them through your strengths.

With this program you strengthen your personal leadership and you gain more self-insight, self-confidence and more insight into your potential, aspirations, values, motivations and talents. And you will learn how to turn your talents into strengths.

Strengthen Personal Leadership | Being your authentic self at work.

Knowing and using your strengths at work increases self-awareness and self-confidence. It strengthens your (personal) leadership, you will perform better and get much more satisfaction from your work.

Research has shown that we are more authentic, learn faster, are more intrinsically motivated, experience less stress, reach our goals faster and perform better when we work from talents. If you want to achieve your ambitions and perform optimally, you must use your strengths as productively as possible. It is also important to limit performance risks. If you manage to find the right balance in this, it will result in more resilience, authenticity, self-confidence, job satisfaction and success.

Working from strength and talent makes you happier and more productive, it ensures more self-confidence, more positive energy and resilience. You achieve your goals faster and work more effectively and with more pleasure.

But often we do not know or recognize our own strengths and unfortunately, we do not utilize our full potential. And you don’t get much out of talent if you don’t do anything with it. With the use of validated assessments and strengths-based coaching you can discover your top strong qualities and how you can further develop them and use them optimally for personal and business success.


We know intuitively that working from our own strength and talent is good for us, both in our personal lives and at work. We are most attracted to what we are good at, what gives us satisfaction and positive energy, and what we enjoy doing. But no matter how simple that may sound, in practice it often turns out not to be that simple. With this positive, effective and personal approach you discover your unique strengths and how you can use these in practice; “from aspirations to success”.