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  • Most extensive strengths profiling system on the market
  • Only strengths profiling system with a multi-rater feature enabling co-workers to provide feedback in minutes
  • Online, simple to understand and apply
  • Wide range of tools to embed learning
  • Excellent reliability and validity


Are you interested in learning about your own strengths, your team’s strengths, or your organization’s strengths? Strengthscope helps you identify your strengths, but it also helps you identify your performance risks and overdone strengths. Definition of strengths: “underlying qualities that energize you and that you are great at or have the potential to become great at.”

Leiderschapscoaching Employee Engagement

Your strengths/talents make you unique. Each person is different, with a unique range of underlying strengths. The chances of getting the same significant 7 strengths in the same order as anyone else is 1 in 1.7 bn! Interested to discover and develop your (work related) strengths? I work with Strengthscope, it identifies the things that strengthen and energise us. It identifies the activities that make us feel authentic, strong and  where we have the potential to excel in. Want to know more about this approach? I coach leaders and individuals with Strengthscope in Dutch or English.

The Strengthscope wheel splits your strengths into 4 clusters; Emotional, Relational, Executional and Thinking. Where do you think your most significant strengths lie? It is often an eye-opener for my clients because in our day to day lives, we often forget – or we just don’t know what are strengths are and thus we don’t really use our full potential, which is a shame! You will perform better and feel literally stronger and more authentic, happy and energized when you use your strengths. Unlock your potential. Play to your strengths!

more information under Strengths-based Leadership | download sample report here

Please contact me if you want to know more about the Strengths-based services such as Talent Coaching for individuals or the StrengthscopeLeader Program. kitty.schaap@coachieve.nl,  +31(6)46117697

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